Vancouver Home Inspectors

As a District of North Vancouver Fire Fighter for 31 years. You can be assured that your home inspection is in good hands.

We really enjoy helping our clients with their home inspections, maintenance oriented inspections, as well as people looking to either purchase or list their home. Customer service is our highest priority, and we strive to make the condo or house inspection process as simple as possible.

Home Inspection Services That We Offer

Pre-Listing Inspection

Purchasing or selling a home can be a daunting and challenging experience. Before making any serious decisions, it’s essential that you understand the condition of your current or future home.


Standard Home Inspection

Designed to give insight into the quality of construction and maintenance on a property. The home inspection is not intended to value the property or consider design issues. Instead, it should cue a potential owner into the behind the scenes workings of a home and estimated maintenance costs.


Maintenance Inspection

The key to minimizing costs associated with home repairs is prevention. A Home Maintenance Inspection consistently every three to five years will give the home owner the best opportunity to experience significant savings.


Why Choose Hansen Home Inspections

  • Standards & Accuracy – All home inspections are performed according to the ASTTBC Standards of Inspection.
  • Swift Turn-Around – On-site, you will receive an easy to read, categorized and comprehensive written report right away. This includes in depth information pertaining to recommended repairs.
  • Customer Service – Our goal is to give clients peace of mind in knowing that their home has been inspected to the highest industry standards as set forth by the ASTTBC.
  • Informing Buyers & Sellers – Reduce your risks of buying a home with defects or the liability of selling a home with structural or mechanical problems with a comprehensive home inspection.
  • With You Every Step Of The Way– At Hansen Home Inspections if you have a question, now or in the future about your inspection, we are here to answer them.